Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Dichotomy of Things

Excessive income and wealth gaps produce a lot of negative consequences such as phishing. Take someone with a certain profile, what would they rather do, work in a fast food restaurant or sit in front of a widescreen TV playing video games. The reduction of the middle class and manufacturing jobs and the dependency on excessive services has many negative effects. Look at all of the restaurants there are, one on every corner. The results here in these places are poor or a complete lack of management, poor treatment of employees, a lack of organization and communication, and desperate workers.

Management in companies with low paying retail and service work needs to be improved. Expectations need to be clearer. Job descriptions need to be more accurate. Training can use improvement. Work environments need to be improved (layouts and equipment designs, etc.) With these types of enterprises spread so thin, these conditions deteriorate.

Costs of higher education are an issue, and can contribute to phishing. There's the debt burdens with all of the student loans. Parents might engage in unethical activities in order to receive funding. Then, who gets the scholarships?

This is where more education, less disparity, better management and treatment of employees, corporate and organization ethics, and opportunity are all inter-related and needed for a productive socioeconomic environment.

The Dichotomy of Things