Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big Data and the Cloud

All of these companies and organizations want people to download their "apps." Besides the obvious security risks associated with installing numerous application programs on a phone, there are other serious considerations. These programs often utilize personal location data.

So why does some company want someone to install some "app" on their phone, just so they can promote products and services? Location data is specifically sensitive. Who wants some random company, organization or individual knowing the whereabouts of their spouse or children, for example. Why would someone want some random person knowing where their wife has coffee every Thursday at 3 PM with a 92% level of certainty.

When an organization has access to this type of information, there's someplace(s) the information is supposed to go to. Who knows where the information actually goes from there. There are all kinds of advertising and promotional tools, both traditional and modern. People should consider the implications before just giving out access to their phones and tablets.

Big Data and the Cloud

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